Copenhagen-based writer and lecturer.

Contributor to a-n, Instant Loveland Doggerland, Imperica, Rhizome, Saturation Point, Sluice, SculptorVox and this is tomorrow.

Associate Lecturer on MA Illustration and Visual Media at London College of Communication - staff profile here

I am a member of the Porous Stitch research group.

Have written the chapter: How Do You Wish to Be Operated? Cultivating Technological Disruption for Creativity for Leap into Action Critical Performative Pedagogies in Art & Design Education (2020) Edited By Lee Campbell and published by Peter Lang.

Completed a residency at the Bothy Project in December 2019.

Was part of the a-n Writer Development Programme 2017-18.

:: Selected Writing ::

:: Catalogue Essays ::

Noticing, for Fiona Grady catalogue: Work (2019)
A horizon that only offers disarray for James Irwin: The Edge (2018), Skelf, online project space
As We Enter Pixelated Ecologies for Andrew Benson: Under the Creosote (2017), Space in Between, London, curated by James Irwin
Copyright / Copyleft for Sluice Art Fair (2015)
generator.txt for Generator (2015), curated by Saturation Point, Kaleidoscope Gallery, Kent
>>> Beyond the Algorithm >>> Towards the Infinite>>> // Reconnecting the Corporeal for From Centre (2015), curated by Saturation Point & Slate Projects, London

:: Features and Interviews ::

Artists + Instagram: Tash Kahn, documenting the art of trash (2019), a-n
Deep Lab cyberfeminist collective: “We question the legitimacy of immigration policy and its economics”(2018), a-n
Artists + Instagram: Gudrun Filipska, exchanging imagery and making connections (2018), a-n
Alternative art education: School of the Damned (2018), a-n
Laura Davidson Writes on Susanne Norregard Nielsen (2018), Instant Loveland
Alternative art education looks to the future as AltMFA launches new publication (2018), a-n
X+(-X)=0 (2017), SculptorVox: The Geometry of Nothing
Interview with James Irwin (2015), Saturation Point
Interview with Antonio Roberts (2015), Saturation Point
Virtual Personal Assistants: Of Louise, Anne and the Hollow Woman (2015), Imperica
Cy Twombly's Social Media Death Package (2014), Imperica
Tethered to the Barbican (2014), The Peripatetic Studio
London Data and Art Hackathon (2012), Rhizome
Scenes from the London 3D Printshow (2012), Rhizome
Response to Khoros (2011), COPY // unfold
Blowing in the Wind (2011), Visible Tracks, Arts Admin
Philippe Parreno and the Choreographic Object (2011), 12-Pages, Movement Issue

:: Etc ::

Sluice_talks: Ten minutes on... Ellen Ullman, Close to the Machine: Technophilia and Its Discontents (2016)
Panelist: Copyright / Copyleft, Sluice Art Fair, London (2015)
Editorial Fellowship, Rhizome (2013)
getDialogue, Hack the Barbican, Barbican Centre (2013)

:: Reviews ::

Glasgow International 2018: Nadia Myre: Code-Switching and Other Works; Georgia Horgan, Saturday – an audio guide (2018), a-n
On Language and Marking Time : Matt Magee, Eagle Gallery (2016), Saturation Point
The Workers, Standpoint (2016), Doggerland
Manfred Mohr, Artificiata II, Carroll / Fletcher (2016), Saturation Point
Yto Barrada, Faux Guide, PACE (2015), this is tomorrow
The Pleasure of the Text, Campoli Presti (2015), this is tomorrow
David Conroy, Seventeen (2015), this is tomorrow
Frederik De Wilde: NanoBlck-Sqr#1, Carroll-Fletcher (2014), Saturation Point
Low Animal Spirits, Banner Repeater (2014), this is tomorrow
Journal, ICA (2014), this is tomorrow
Xavier Poultney: Metarelics Vol.II, Space in Between (2014), this is tomorrow
Pre-Owned: Looks Good Man, Cell Projects (2014), this is tomorrow
David Korty: Have / Had, Sadie Coles HQ (2013), this is tomorrow
Yuri Pattison: Travelling Through Layers (2013), Rhizome
Richard Sides: the omega point just ate his brains, Carlos / Ishikawa (2013), this is tomorrow
Konsortium: Vorchsprung Durch Technik, Tenderpixel (2013), this is tomorrow
Thomson and Craighead: Never Odd or Even, Carroll / Fletcher (2013), a-n interface

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